The series of Daytona is one of Rolex's most popular series. There are too many replicas on the market, but it has not reached the level of top replicas for a long time. The main reason is the movement. The previous version of Daytona took the jf factory as the best version, and it only used the common Shanghai 7750 chronograph movement. Friends who are familiar with this movement know that this movement is OK, just the thickness. It is thicker. This movement is installed in the Daytona, with a thick bottom of more than 15mm. The N factory has purchased a number of original styles to produce accessories, ensuring that the case and various hardware can be used with the original. Synchronous original size 40*12.5mm. Its Rose Gold Rolex Daytona 116515 Replica Watches Review is as follows:
The Super 4130 movement exclusively manufactured by the N factory. Because of the excellent performance of this movement, the N factory has a relatively high price for this Daytona. The price of 800-1000 usd can be regarded as one of the most expensive rolex replica watches, if you want to get more of the best replica watches in the world, this is the best link Its price is so expensive and the sales volume is still so high, which is enough to explain the performance of this movement. This movement can be called the most successful work of the self-made movement. Regardless of the appearance, the customized KIF shock absorber, the whole machine is designed according to the real Cal.4130 movement, and the three-layer substrate is completely chamfered to the sun pattern. 1:1 respect the design of Rolex Daytona 116515, even if you open the appearance, it is difficult to see the difference. In terms of performance, the chronograph function can be used in such a thin case, and the thickness of the finished product is the same as the original version. In addition, this movement has strong stability and zero repair after sale. This shows that this movement is definitely worth the money.
Daytona 116515 replica watches vs real

Has the ultimate shell
Due to the perfect performance of its movement size, it was able to make the same case thickness of 12.5mm as the original Daytona 116515. It is difficult to achieve this thickness for other class replica watches due to the wrong movement. Coupled with the 3D printed open-molded case strap, every line and groove of the case is consistent with the original, with a good hand feel, elegant and beautiful, and full of real daytona temperament.
Daytona 116515 replica watches vs real

Rolex Daytona 116515 Replica of N Factory Its parts can be interchanged with real 116515, and its details are perfect to the extreme.
The entire Daytona 116515 Replica Watch's ring, mirror, inner cover, handle, literal surface, hands and buckle can all be original. Except for the weight difference of precious metal models, it is almost difficult to see flaws. The scale on the ring mouth adopts physical vapor deposition technology, and the color oil is coated on the font at a high temperature, so that the racing scale on the ring mouth is fully in line with the original thickness and will not fade. Its literal radial lines are delicate and ranked, and the lines can only be seen under macro. The sun patterns of the three small plates are uniform in thickness, and each angle looks good with gloss and texture. The scale D has the same rounded edges as the original, and the luminous is evenly bright. The crown and buckle body of the buckle are formed in one piece instead of spot welding,replica watches review

The back cover of Rose Gold Rolex Daytona 116515 Replica Watch is finely polished and the drawing process is excellent. The gap of the buckle has been made perfectly, the inside of the buckle is also polished, and the details are still very good! This kind of clasp enables divers to easily adjust the strap without any tools even if they are wearing diving suits, and can be extended. The workmanship is quite acceptable. N Factory works have always been small and refined,KF-factory replica breitling, and they are definitely worth the money.

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