When people talk about Omega replica watches, they usually think of the works of the VS factory, which can be said to be the best factory for men㠏mega, and the 3S factory is actually the main producer of Omega and rolex replica watches. You can go I bought them in this https://www.findreplicawatches.is/rolex-c-1009.html, but the mechanical watch is not the highest version due to the back of the movement, but its female omega and rolex are doing very well. Today we are bringing the female 28MM Omega Constellation Lady Replica Watches Evaluation:
It can be seen that the mother-of-pearl surface is used for the same dial. Because the mother-of-pearl surface is natural, the dials of the two watches are not exactly the same. This is the characteristic of the mother-of-pearl surface. The texture and color of the 3S are no problem. The original diamond is real, it will be a little brighter in comparison.
It can be seen that the elements of the dial are the same, the three-dimensional Omega LOGO, with a star representing the constellation series at six o'clock. If you zoom in a little closer, you can see some details of the dial, so you can see the difference. The English font size on the dial of Omega Constellation Lady Replica Watch will be slightly smaller, and the Omega LOGO will be smaller, but not It's not easy to feel it when you are careful
28MM Omega Constellation Lady Replica Watch
The overall size and thickness are the same. After all, this is the original mold. The size of the shell is still no problem. The strap is also made of wire drawing, so the design can increase the abrasion resistance and the structure is also consistent.
Close up, the drawing process of Omega Constellation Lady Replica Watch is almost the same, and its gloss is also very close. The lettering on the buckle is the same, that is, the original engraving will be thicker.
The iconic design of the Constellation series attracts more people who love the Constellation series watches, and it is one of the most recognizable watches for women. The 3S factory Omega Constellation, the temperament and the workmanship are not inferior to the V6 factory blue balloon, and then the wrist Smaller ladies will look better when worn.

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